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Personalized Medicine for Radiant Health


You have come to a space of openness and understanding.  My belief is we are all on a journey of discovery and awakening.  At times, life may feel blissful and liberating, while other moments take you to the depth of your existence. 

My role as a holistic physician and guide is to support how well your body recovers from unexpected adversity while building your overall


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Would We Be A Good Fit?

People who will find the most benefit from my services are:

- Ready to be actively engaged in their own care.
- Interested in identifying root patterns versus solely focusing on symptom management.
- Willing to evaluate and change habits and lifestyles that do not serve their optimal health.

Acupuncture Tools


Acupuncture is a form of healing that dates back over 5,000 years. The beauty of this medicine is that it can be used for anything and everything as it does not treat disease.  Instead, it treats the individual on a physical, mental and emotional level clearing blocks to optimal wellness.  You may have ventured here for help with acute or chronic pain.  Maybe you're at a point in life where your soul is ready to experience a transformational shift.  Regardless of what you are seeking, all are welcome in my practice.  


Naturopathic Medicine

While I use a number of treatment methods, below are areas I specialize.

In addition to my naturopathic and Chinese medicine training in diet and food therapy, I received my Bachelor degree in Nutritional Science.  This started my love of natural medicine and what I believe to be the cornerstone to every aspect of health.

Personalized Dietary Modification

This is a very common request of naturopathic physicians.  Although it often takes time and various lifestyle modifications, I am well trained in this area. Please know that coming off certain medications is not always possible.

Medication Tapering

I am a firm believer in the healing quality of a properly done fast or cleanse.  The key to channeling your bodies innate ability to heal itself is making sure these modifications are properly timed and designed so as to fit your unique needs.

Cleansing & Fasting Support

Lab analysis can give us a great view of overall function and health.  It is extremely useful when evaluating proper nutritional needs and essential when considering medication withdrawal.

Lab Interpretation

Contact Me

Fax- (888) 904-2090

Please make sure you read through my entire website before reaching out.  All pricing is listed under Book Online.

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