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Homemade Remedies

Naturopathic Medicine


UPDATE: I have decided to step back from most naturopathic consultations at this time.  I will still be offering 30 minute acute phone consultations for urgent matters or very specific problems.  Feel free to reach out through the contact page if you have questions.   


The foundation of natural medicine is taking into account the entirety of your being. This enables both practitioner and patient to find the best approach forward that will not only alleviate symptoms but encourage optimal health.  We are all different, therefore, we all need a unique approach and someone capable of guiding us.

What to know before booking:

- All appointments are done virtually.  This can either be through a medically secure video chat or as a phone consult.

- I no longer work as a primary care physician (PCP).

What/who do I treat:

- In my 7 years as a PCP, I was used to seeing and treating most conditions. 

- My goal in moving forward is not to specialize in treating one specific ailment or disease.  Instead, I want to help you look at the totality of who you are and address areas that are not only going to shift one symptom but the whole of your life.  For example, adjusting your diet to better fit your unique constitution has a far reaching impact on both your health now and overall quality of life later. 

What to expect from a consultation:
- I will request a short email from you with a list of what you would like to address as well as all current medications and supplements.
- A follow up email will be sent with all main talking points and a written treatment plan.  

What to know about pharmaceutical prescribing:

- Most prescriptions I write will be limited to short duration or acute use.  The exception to this will be hormone therapy, both bioidentical and standard.  See below for more information on this.

- I recommend having all long term prescriptions written and managed by your PCP.

- If you would like to discuss the possibility of tapering off certain medications you are already prescribed, we can address this in detail.

What to know about hormone therapy prescriptions before reaching out:
- All patients must have regular lab and imaging tests done based on guidelines we establish.  I can order any of these procedures but remember that I will be out of network with insurance companies.  It may be necessary to have your PCP involved in the ordering if you want insurance to pay.  I recommend doing your research on this before reaching out so there are no surprises.
- Visits will be required every 6 months for all hormone prescriptions.


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