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Acupuncture Close Up


How it works:

Nourish currently offers a mobile acupuncture practice.  Sessions are provided in the comfort of your home.  I bring a massage table and all other supplies needed.

Treatment includes about 10 minutes of focused massage.  The option to add 30 extra minutes of massage is now available with acupuncture treatments.


Requirements for treatment:

All that I ask is that the space is safe and comfortable.  It needs to be big enough for a massage table and movement around it.  I also recommend the room be on the warmer side for your comfort.


Travel areas:

  • Travel to Manzanita (97130), Nehalem (97131) or Wheeler (97147) is $125 per treatment. 

  • Travel to Arch Cape (97102) or Rockaway Beach (97136) is $135 per treatment. 

  • Travel to Garibaldi (97118) or Cannon Beach (97110 & 97145) is $140 per treatment.

  • Travel to Bay City (97107) is $150 per treatment. 

  • Travel to Tillamook (97141) is $160 per treatment.

Please note that I do not accept gratuity.  The above price is all you are required to pay.


When you book online, please choose the correct option. If you are outside of the above travel areas, feel free to contact me for an increased price quote.

Plus one:

My idea in creating this was to provide needles to someone in your circle who could not afford them on their own.  This could be a family member, friend or anyone else you feel comfortable having in your home.  They will get a short set of needles lasting about 20-30 minutes while you are on the table.  The requirement for this is to have a separate room with either a recliner or couch for the treatment.  There is no additional charge for this service.

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