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Lab Testing

How does it work?

We can schedule consultations to go over labs that you obtained from other providers or tests I order. If you have labs done with another provider, make sure I have the results before our appointment.  They can either be emailed or faxed by you or your provider.
- Fax- (888) 904-2090

What are the specialty labs and what do they test for?

- Genova Diagnostics- SIBO, Comprehensive stool analysis, Celiac Panels and many more

- Doctor's Data- Neurotransmitter, Hormone testing, Nutritional markers, Environmental detoxification

- DUTCH- Detailed hormone testing, Adrenal, Cycle mapping

- Great Plains Lab- Mold testing, Toxin testing, Comprehensive stool analysis

All of these labs have great websites you can access as a patient to get more info before making your appointment.

What labs do I run?

I run standard labs from a number of local hospitals or private lab sites in and around Portland. I also run specialty labs with mail in service throughout the US.

What about insurance coverage?

Remember that I am an out of network provider.  I recommend contacting your insurance company and finding out what your benefits cover.  If they require an in-network provider to order testing, I can give you a list to take to your designated physician.

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